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Carpet Care Reading extends our range of professional cleaning solutions to all private and business customers in Reading. Our industry expertise and technical capacity allow us to deal effectively with a large number of general and special requirements ranging from hard floor cleaning to specific things like pressure washing and steam cleaning. We are confident in our skills and performance as we have a dedicated bunch of qualified cleaners working for us, trained in the proper use and application of professional grade equipment and materials. The services we provide are designed to wrap around individual needs without excess costs or unnecessary hassles for customers, additional options as well as comprehensive service packages can also be arranged for. We always strive for best possible results at the best possible price.

Professional services delivering professional results

Quality of results is a crucial aspect of any professional grade cleaning solution, and we know this. In order to ensure our private and business customers receive nothing short of exceptional cleaning services we have made sure our cleaners and equipment are up to the task. All aspects of our work are carried out by qualified and experienced technicians in Reading, trained in the safe and efficient use of industry certified equipment and materials, including pressure washers and steam cleaners. By doing this we guarantee better results, minimise unnecessary resource waste and reduce overall service time.

Our main services available all week round, throughout the year

We tend to focus on a number of specialised services which are considered more demanding and technical than other some of the other options we have in store.

Professional pressure washing/jet wash is also within our scope of expertise. We can clean effectively most hard surfaces (including patios and driveways) without risking damage or alteration to the material below (base surface). Service is performed using industry grade jet wash equipment by qualified technicians. We also offer convenient and affordable hard floor cleaning to households and establishments. The process is perfectly safe and suitable for all types of hard flooring, no risk of clouding or chemical staining.

Twist things you way

For more convenience and better value for money, our cleaning services can be combined into packages or bundles so customers get a lot of cleaning done in a single go, without wasting time and effort in booking different cleaners for different jobs. We ensure high quality results on all services offered. Some of our cleaning solutions can also be modified separately in order to suit individual needs. Many services (like hard floor cleaning for instance) are also available on a regular basis. The frequency and duration of cleaning visits depends entirely on customer preferences and availability.

We are at your disposal in Reading seven days a week, including bank holidays, under flexible hours. We maintain good short notice availability.