When it comes to certain types of cleaning, you can be sure we are the right people for the job.

In our years of industry experience we at Carpet Care Reading have been able to gather an invaluable and intricate understanding of what customers expect and require of a good quality cleaning solution worth their time and money. In our opinion we have developed a robust yet comprehensive range of professional cleaning services which ticks all the boxes. We have become the cleaners of choice for many households and businesses as we have proven ourselves as reliable and efficient operation which doesn’t cut corners.

Through punctuality, dedication and a genuine spark for our work we have gained the trust of customers, and we intend to keep it that way. Our commitment to excellence is evident on all levels of our work – from the way we handle and assist our customers to the way we book services and follow up on issues. Being committed to high standards of servicing, along with our high work ethics are just some of the things which set us apart from the general average mass of service providers out there.

Like any other company on the market, we work for profit but not in the usual bland and ignorant way common to many others.

Instead of just cleaning properties for money (which is obviously the basics of our work) we try and provide people with a suitable and efficient solution to their requirements, a solution delivered with a friendly smile and assurance of quality results. Through the years, our company has evolved and developed, however our values and the founding principles and good practices we adhere to have not diminished or changed but have only grown stronger thus making us more committed than ever to best service provider for you, our customers.