Being able to reduce the overall cost of your selected cleaning services without compromise is always a good thing.

We understand and appreciate the importance of good value for money, especially when it comes to professional cleaning solutions for the home or office. Being a professional service provider we also aim to meet our customers’ budget requirements as best we can.

In light of all this we maintain a system of special deals, preferential pricing and discounts applied to most services in store at one time or another. All of our current specials and discounts are listed on this page. Some of our services come with regular weekly or monthly discounts so keep an eye out for what’s on now.

We offer preferential pricing and special discounts for regular and return customers, so if you are happy with our work then we show our appreciation through giving you an even better deal on a great service. If by any chance the special deals we are running at the time aren’t working for you, then by all means speak to our consultants and they will advise you on how to combine and mix services together for extra value for money.

In most cases, service packages or bundles make up for excellent savings on any service we have on offer. The special deals we offer are regularly updated and renewed (with some permanent ones too) so be sure to check our website for the latest specials and discounts you can get your hands on. With us, having your cleaning requirements taken care of properly will not only be hassle-free but cost effective as well!