For us, an established service provider, the practice of overcharging customers is highly unprofessional, and something we steer well clear of.

We at Carpet Cleaning Reading view these unfair tactics as ‘hit and run approach’ and would never allow such practices to take place in our house. On the contrary, we always try to keep our service prices within reasonable limits, not through cutting corners or compromise on quality but through more efficient work practices and better training of our cleaners. On the same note, we try and meet our customers’ budget requirements through various means including preferential pricing, service bundling etc. Our prices are fair and competitive, coordinated with current industry and market trends.

The service quotes we prepare and provide are accurate and reflect the actual scale and complexity of the job.

None of our quoted figures contain any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. Should the need be there to amend a quoted price/estimate, we will never do so without formal customer consent. Of course we will explain what led to us changing the original price. We believe that fair pricing and accurate estimates allow for better value for money, making our services affordable and worthwhile for customers.