Any well managed business (including yours truly) has its foundations in clear cut regulations, followed and observed on a daily basis. These rules and regulations are what’s called Terms and Conditions of Use (we think Disclaimer sounds too negative). Below customers will find all Terms & Conditions applicable to using our cleaning services. We know that having to read through the fine print is a real pain in the neck, but we strongly advise you to carefully read through our service terms and conditions as this will help avoid any potential confusion, frustration and conflict between you as customer and us as service provider. Getting familiar with our Terms & Conditions will help you understand your position as customer as well as the rights and responsibilities you have as such. The same goes for the rights and responsibilities we have as a service provider towards you. If you are unclear about a certain term, or wish to discuss a particular clause of this page in detail, please write or call us at your own convenience and we will be happy to clarify and discuss any and all of the terms and conditions listed here. We recommend doing so before committing to using our services.